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Don't Hoodoo Me

Don't Hoodoo Me is a primal viscous sound, a sound merging the harsh energy of punk with the fundamental force of rock – the blues. It’s a thick, gooey, smoldering sound, hot, blue, and righteous.

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About the band

From Tacoma, Washington, Blood Fire & Rainwater is made up of Tony Dauley and Jack Rainwater. Back when they both started out in music, Tony was pushing the rhythm for die-hard punk bands, while Jack was playing rock and roll in clubs from Seattle to San Diego. The effect is classic blues rock rife with gut-wrenching soul, dripping with grungy tangs.

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Blood, Fire & Rainwater Band Member Photo - Jack RainwaterBlood, Fire & Rainwater Band Member Photo - Tony Dauley
Jack Rainwater
Tony Dauley
Vocals, Guitar
Drums & Percussion

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